Justin Nobel

I am a native of West Michigan. Nicole and I were married in June 2005. After many years of waiting, God has blessed us with 6 children: Liam, Liana, Eden, Judah, Tirzah, and Zarah. Our family enjoys hiking, camping, and time spent in the mountains.

On March 15, 2020, I officially began my ministry at PPRBC, just in time for nationwide shutdowns due to rising concerns over COVID-19. While our first year in Pompton Plains has been very different than we anticipated, it has been another year of the Lord’s abounding grace and provision. A year of community, national, and world upheaval has created many needs and provided many opportunities for ministry in our community and beyond. My prayer is that the ministry of the Word in and through the saints at PPRBC would be a rich blessing to our community, region, and world. May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in His people!